Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications describes how the Internet will expand as sensors and intelligence are connected to physical things such as physical assets or consumer devices and these things in turn are connected to the Internet.

The vision and model have existed for years, but there has been acceleration in the number and types of things being connected and in the technologies for collecting, processing, and sharing information.

The Internet of Things market allows different combinations of smart things/objects and sensor network technologies. People using diverse and interoperable communication protocols realize that a dynamic heterogeneous/multimodal network can be deployed in remote or unreachable (mines, oil platforms, forests, pipes, tunnels, etc.) spaces or in cases of emergencies such as earthquakes, floods, fire, radiation areas, and others. In IoT infrastructure, these “things or objects” will realize and explore each other and learn to take advantage of each other’s data by sharing resources and dramatically enhancing the scope and dependability of the resulting services.

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