•  Oee Monitoring for CNC
  • Iconic Cockpit
  • Oee Monitoring System

Key Features

Everything you need to manage and drive OEE and profits!

  • OEE:Availability, Performance and Quality
  • Count: Part count, Cycle time, Load-unload time, and their variations over time
  • Machine stoppages: Setup, Breakdown, Tool Change, Material not availaible..
  • Automated alerts: SMS (text) and email alerts, based on pre-defined conditions and triggers
  • Financial: Realized machine hour rate and True cost per component
  • 50+ advanced Dashboards and Reports: Enable real-time decision-making, by empowering right people, at the right time, to access vital data required to drive decisions and productivity.

For processes that don’t need, or can’t provide all the parameters of, a full fledged OEE framework, check out Productive Time Analysis (PTA).

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