• CNC Machine Event Monitoring
  • CNC OEE Machine
  • CNC Program Transfer Device

Key Features

  • Schedules: Operator can access his day schedule, and associated Documents such as drawings, process sheets and CNC programs
  • Help Requests: Operator can raise requests related to Maintenance, Tool, Material, Quality, Stores…
  • Inspection data capture: First part Inspection and In Process Inspection templates can be made available in the electronic form in the tablet, so that the operator can fill these and save directly in the server
  • Rejections: Operator can record quality rejections with reasons.
  • OEE: If TPM-Trak OEE is deployed, the operator can continuously “see” OEE of his machine, which acts like a pace-maker
  • Safety/5S: Information pertaining to best practices, safety measures, technical tips, troubleshooting documents, 5S practices etc. can be regularly communicated to the operator

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